Products G301


G301Wireless explosion-proof sound and light alarm

- Patented high-decibel sound technology -High-pitched alarm sound and bright alarm light, low power consumption -Stainless steel or aluminum alloy shell and super shock-resistant lampshade
-High-brightness LED light source, long service life -Flameproof structure, high protection level -Small size, simple structure, easy installation
-Can be used with point gas detectors -Wireless communication access to the Internet -Collect gas detector information and upload it to the IoT platform

technical specification

Working voltage24VDC
Working current≤200mA
Power consumption≤4W
Alarm sound>105dB@30cm
Explosion-proof grade Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb  /  DIP A20 TA T6
Protection grade IP66
Shade color 红色
Electrical interface G 3/4″(M) (different specifications and sizes can be configured as required)
Data collection modeRS485 4~20mA
Data upload methodGPRS
Environment temperature-40℃~+70℃
Relative humidity0~99%RH/non-condensing
shell material Stainless steel or aluminum alloy
Shade materialImported PC

Product structure and construction drawings

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