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Basic knowledge of industrial gas

Update time:2021.06.28

1. Definition of industrial gas

In industry, products that are gaseous under normal temperature and pressure are collectively referred to as industrial gas products.

2. Application of industrial gas

Industrial gas products have become an important basic raw material for modern industry. Industrial gas is known as the "blood" of industry. With the rapid development of China's economy, industrial gas, as one of the basic industrial elements of the national economy, plays an increasingly important role in the national economy.

Application scope of industrial gas: petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, iron and steel, machinery, electronics, electric power, glass, ceramics, building materials, food, medicine, medical treatment, urban residents and other fields.

3. Industrial gas classification

(1). According to chemical properties

     ①Very toxic gas: such as Cl2, NH3

     ② Flammable gas: such as H2, acetylene

     ③ Combustion-supporting gas: such as O2

     ④Non-combustible gas: such as N2, CO2, Ar

In the national standard GB13690-1992, the above-mentioned 4 kinds of gases are divided into 3 sub-categories, namely flammable, non-combustible (including combustion-supporting gas), and toxic gas.

(2). According to the composition

     ①Pure gas of a single type of gas.

     ② Mixture of binary or multi-element gas.

4. Hazardous characteristics of industrial gases

     ①Combustibility-combustible gas

     ②Toxicity-toxic gas


     ④Corrosiveness-Moisture has a great influence on industrial gas medium, and it is easy to produce corrosive chemical substances

     ⑤Explosive-physical explosion and chemical explosion

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