Products G201


G201Intelligent gas suction device

- Patented remote gas suction technology - Built in high-performance air pump, rapid response
- Highlight the alarm indicator light of pump failure and airway blockage on site - Flameproof structure, high protection grade
- Stainless steel and aluminum alloy shell - Small size, simple structure and convenient installation

technical specification

Scope of applicationPipe trenches, trenches and inspection areas that are difficult for personnel to reach
Working voltage24VDC
Power consumption0.5W
Explosion-proof grade Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb 
Protection gradeIP65
Ambient temperature-40°C~+70°C
Relative humidity0~99%RH, non-condensing
MaterialStainless steel/aluminum alloy
Interface sizeG 3/4 "(M) (different specifications and sizes can be configured as required)
Alarm functionPump failure, acting as a blockage alarm
Applicable modelsCC35、EC35、SNE4100B、SNE600C、SNE600E、SNE630C、SNE630E

Product structure and construction drawings

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