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Attend the "Southwest chemical enterprise automation and safety instrument system transformation tec

Update time:2019.07.13

”Create transformation process and promote safety upgrading“

In order to further promote the implementation of relevant national policies, help the production and operation enterprises of dangerous chemicals in Southwest China improve their safety management awareness and master the skills of dangerous process analysis and safety instrument system transformation, our company participated in the "Technical Forum on automation and safety instrument system transformation of chemical enterprises in Southwest China" on July 10-12, 2019 The conference provides one-to-one exchange services for on-site gas detection for Southwest Petroleum and chemical enterprises.


Forum content planning:

(1) Main report content

1. An Zongguansan [2014] No. 116, the specific implementation of the interpretation, and the discussion and analysis of related difficult issues in the implementation process;

2. "Two important points and one major" and the new version of hazard identification (GB18218-2018);

3. The implementation steps of the safety instrumented system transformation, the problems and difficulties that should be paid attention to in each implementation stage (such as: HAZOP analysis, LOPA analysis, problems and difficulties in SIL grading)

4. Analysis of demonstration examples of chemical companies that have successfully implemented safety instrumented system transformation;

5. Application of GB50770/GB50493 and other related engineering design standards in transformation and standard interpretation;

6. The application of technical solutions such as safety instrument system, automatic control system, toxic and harmful and combustible gas alarm system, industrial control safety software in the transformation;

7. Application of functional safety certification and product SIL certification in the transformation of safety instrument system of chemical plants, as well as product selection and application in project implementation;

8. Other new technologies and new schemes applied in the transformation project of chemical safety instrument system.

(2) Special technical training content

1. The application of HAZOP analysis technology in the investigation of chemical safety hazards;

2. Interpretation of safety instrumented system design standards (GB50770);

3. Application and standard of toxic, harmful and combustible gas alarm system (GB50493);

4. Functional safety and SIL certification;

5. The training hours for each topic are 3.5 hours. If the topic cannot be completed on time, the lesson hours can be extended according to the actual situation. At the same time, other topics can be set according to the feedback needs.

(3) Product display exhibition

The forum will set up 15 products that can be applied to the transformation of chemical safety instrument system for exhibition and display, and the display time will be 1.5 days (July 11-12 at 14:00).

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